Bexar County Republican Party Endorses Marc Whyte in District 10 City Council Race

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SAN ANTONIO – After interviewing several candidates, Jeff McManus, Chairman of the Bexar County Republican Party, announced the endorsement of local business attorney and longtime Republican Marc Whyte in the race for San Antonio City Council District 10.

“I think voters will agree that in the race for San Antonio City Council District 10, Marc Whyte is the best choice for new leadership at City Hall.  Marc is a husband, a father, and a small business owner who will provide the conservative, solution-oriented leadership District 10’s residents expect,” said McManus.  Chairman McManus added that he is working to increase the participation of Bexar County Republicans in non-partisan city council races as both candidates and voters.  McManus continued saying, “Bexar County Republicans must actively participate in municipal government if we want our cities to keep taxes low and focus on basic city services.  We can’t win – as a party or a community – if we sit on the sidelines and let others decide for us, which is why everyone should also vote ‘NO’ on Proposition A!”

Whyte expressed his appreciation saying, “Thank you Chairman McManus and the Bexar County Republican Party for supporting my campaign to lower taxes, make neighborhoods safer, and create economic opportunity for San Antonio residents.  As your fiscally responsible voice on City Council, I will focus on ensuring District 10 receives its fair share of city funding, prioritize the delivery of basic city services, and protect your tax dollars from wasteful City Hall spending.  I’ve always been able to work with people of all backgrounds and beliefs to find solutions to various issues, and I expect that I will be able to do so again as a member of San Antonio’s City Council.”

Marc Whyte has been actively involved in District 10 for many years.  Recently he has served as the District 10 Zoning Commissioner and as a board member on the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance.  Prior to that, Whyte served as the District 10 appointee to the board of the Port Authority of San Antonio, and the City of San Antonio Ethics Review Board.

Whyte and his wife Lorien and two daughters live in the Marymont neighborhood in northeast San Antonio.


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