With the support of the voters, I will:

Keep property taxes low and reform the appraisal system

Property owners across District 10 and our city face rising property taxes and skyrocketing appraisals. I am committed to lowering taxes by increasing San Antonio’s homestead exemption, focusing city funding on basic services, and working with state leaders to reform the appraisal system.

Reduce crime and improve public safety

Our community is being confronted by rising crime rates and the challenges of ensuring the rapid delivery of critical, life-saving police, fire, and EMS services to our growing population. With your support, I will work to expand community policing, ensure our first responders have the training and tools needed to keep you and your family safe, and prioritize lowering life-saving response times.

Attract and grow businesses to create jobs

To create economic opportunity for all San Antonians, I will use an inclusive and collaborative approach to attract new businesses, encourage small businesses to grow, and create jobs that build careers and economic security.

Improve streets and reduce traffic congestion

San Antonio’s growing population adds even more stress to the many city streets long overdue for repairs as well as increases traffic and the length of daily commutes on already congested main arteries. As your city council representative, I will look to find ways to shorten street maintenance on roads most often in need of repair and fund road expansion that improves mobility for residents and businesses alike.

Support our veterans and local military

Those who have served our country and defended our freedom deserve not only our gratitude but also our help as they return to civilian life. We must provide them support in their efforts to enhance their skills as well as find employment where they can build a foundation for success knowing they live in a community where they are respected, wanted, and valued.

Increase code enforcement

Many District 10 neighborhoods face recurring code enforcement problems because of inadequate, and in many instances non-existent, support from the City. I know the character and identity of our neighborhoods require reliable enforcement of city codes and I will support increasing funding to eliminate the many overgrown alleys and right-of-ways that diminish the quality of life for us all.