On City Council, I will be committed to addressing our city’s public safety concerns by expanding community policing initiatives and supporting our first responders.  This commitment has earned me the endorsement of the San Antonio Police Officers Association. I will work with them and all of District 10 to create a safer, more secure San Antonio, starting with opposing policies that undermine public safety.   

I oppose the so-called “justice reform” charter amendment, Proposition A, and I encourage you to join me in VOTING AGAINST the proposed measure. 

Proposition A, backed by liberal out-of-town activists, encourages low-level crime by reducing consequences. If it passes, Proposition A will: 

  • Expand Cite and Release Policy for: 
    • Theft of Property less than $750 
    • Theft of Service less than $750 
    • Contraband in a Correctional Facility 
    • Graffiti, with damage less than $2500 
    • Criminal Mischief with damage less than $750 
  • Police will be required to issue citations, not arrests, with zero jail time
    • Property thieves, shoplifters, “dine and dash” scammers, and other criminals will walk away after stealing up to $750 
  • Creates a Justice Director position 
  • City Council appoints Justice Director 
  • Justice Director reports to City Council
    • Equal standing to City Auditor, City Clerk, and City Manager
  • Candidates with law enforcement experience are disqualified from the Justice Director position  
  • No term limits for Justice Director 
  • Justice Director imposes additional bureaucracy 
    • New tax burden from creating/staffing the new office 
  • All city department budgets including police, controlled by council appointed, unelected Justice Director  
  • Justice Director to issue justice impact statement before City Council votes on justice policy 
  • Justice impact statements are required for decisions, including annual city budget, amendments, police contracts  
    • Also authorizes justice impact statements for resolutions, or ordinances covering law enforcement, criminal justice, policing, crime, public safety, incarceration 
  • Compromises City information access for Justice Director